Friday, July 3, 2009

The Ballet School, Charlotte St, Brisbane, 1988

Band: Hotel Breslin
Members: Lorenzo (v), Brendan (b), Jim (d), Carl (g), Simon (k)

This was the last room for Hotel Breslin. First floor, underneath the Ballet School. God knows how they used to rehearse ballet at the same time we were practising. Although it was a bonus to see the girls leaving at end of class, we were upskirt connoisseurs before the information superhighway.

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The atmosphere in this room wasn't the cheeriest. We had our disagreeances, we had different ideas about the future. Brendan was going to leave to do a PhD in Philosophy in Melbourne, and the enthusiasm had fallen away.

We wanted to do something different for our last show, the Last Shout. Not down the Valley. Lorenzo booked the Boundary Hotel West End, around the corner from where we first rehearsed. Unintentional, but on reflection, poetic.

There was no stage in the joint. Lorenzo got one at the last minute, but once set up it was about twelve foot high, and the ceiling clearance was fifteen. Great stage for a group of smurfs. Somehow he exchanged for a lower one. The new one wasn't really secure and with the PA on it, it was a bit shakey.

The support band was Who's Gerald, and some of the guys in that band became Custard Gun, and then Custard. They all wore school uniforms on the night. Girls school uniforms. Nice touch.

We played, and it was good. Even the grim reaper showed up. There was extra tension in the band, as a result of the impending collapse of the stage, the PA falling onto the moshpit and/or spilling a beer. A good time was had by all.

The guys from Hotel Breslin kept in touch after that, but didn't all get together for about 15 years where they played a reunion show in 2003 for 4ZZZ. They are some of my closest friends.

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