Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wynnum, Brisbane, 1989

Band: Slaughterhouse Joe
Members: Paul (d), Brendan (b), Carl (g,v)
Guitar setup: Epiphone 335, Marshall Guv'ner, Fender 75

Some call it Wynnum, some call it Lose 'em.
This one was quite literally my bedroom. Talk about convenience.

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This was the lineup before Brendan went to Melbourne. I had met Paul through a friend, he was a drummer, surfer, skateboarder, fashion designer. Again, to consolidate this band at the start we relied on Joy Division and Wipers covers. The Colonies and Nothing Left To Lose appeared in every setlist until the band split in 1994.

There was no vocal mike or PA in this room, so when we played live it was the first time the band heard the lyrics. There was a performance, pictured below, at Wynnum, and another at a Sports Club in Wellington Point, where Brendan excelled in a particularly vitriolic white-noise bass solo to Booker T's Green Onions.

This picture was taken by Mr Id at a party in the garage - Note Queensland's finest in the background, they came to shut the party down. Brendan here has done his best impersonation of the distanced stare of the bass player from the Wipers featured on the back of the Rivers Edge soundtrack - He was always a great impersonator. Brendan was on fire at this stage, he was heavy on the bass and had extreme confidence. His stepping out style was JR Ewing.

Mr Id was later to play guest keyboard with Slaughterhouse Joe.

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