Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Target Building, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 1993

Band: Rubber Bug
Members: Gary (v), Ross (d), Big D (b), Carl (g)

Even the bohos couldn't tolerate Rubber Bug practice. So we moved to the abandoned Target Building on Brunswick Street.

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The load in was a treat. Up the old car park on the Chinatown mall to the second floor, then manoeuvre the gear across the two story gap to the Target Building. The building was in excellent condition, but abandoned, and bands and junkies lived in the hallways and rooms. We got a lock on one of the rooms, a great one looking out on the Brunswick Street Mall, and practiced there.

It was a risk leaving your gear there, as we discovered, on the way to rehearsal all of our amps were piled in a shopping trolley down a hallway, making their way to Cash Converters. We never left our guitars there.

Around this time we were playing all over town, and even interstate (Whippedoo!).


Heyzeus, we played gigs there. Everything went titsup it that town, I'm surprised we weren't lynched. Gigs cut short, venues withdrew accommodation, nights in incarceration, checks were torn up (by venue management instead of band members, for a change). There were even times we went down there with mates and girlfriends, but they didn't come back with us.

Quickly relegating the experiences of Lismore to the past, we played on the next Livid, advanced further up the hierarchy, this time playing at 3PM instead of 8AM. The Bug put on a good show, Gary even had a vomit onstage, which he claimed was unpremeditated. When we were finished we bolted over to the second stage to see Kim Salmon and The Surrealists. Kim had declared himself a God on his album Essence, and he was. Shame the promoters couldn't spell his name right on the poster.

Here's a song we played on the day, a favourite

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