Friday, July 10, 2009

The Castle Cawdor, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, 1992

Band: Slaughterhouse Joe
Members: Paul (d), Jim (b), Carl (v,g)

The Castle Cawdor had something strange about it. It had a corridor that led straight from the front door to the back door and eight rooms running off it, four a side. One room had a sink. We called this the kitchen. And that is also where we rehearsed.

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This was where SHJ played their last gig, a party in the kitchen. 60s all over it, oil lamp projectors, band equipment covered in al-foil, sandalwood incense. Paul was going to the UK to work, because SHJ weren't cutting it in the fashion scene, although the T-shirts were starting to make appearances on the fashionistas around town.

Paul also played in a band that actually paid him money - a cover band called Subway that had a regular Friday night gig entertaining the cops at the Police Headquarters Recreation Club. Eric, their bass player, wasn't available for a couple of weeks, so I filled in, and Castle Cawdor is where we rehearsed.

Playing at Police HQ was fun, and each time we lifted a carton at the end of the night, hidden inside the kick drum case. I really enjoyed playing bass for Subway, perhaps too much, as the more I drank at HQ, the longer and more obnoxious the bass solos became.

I vaguely recall Steve, the guitarist/singer, throwing money at me at the end of the night - not in an adulating way, but in mild disgust, as I was semiconscious on the floor.

Subway and SHJ folded after Paul left, although Jim claims we never did break up, we're just taking an extended break between gigs.

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