Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Country Homestead, Boggo Road, Brisbane, 1991

Band: Slaughterhouse Joe
Members: Paul (d), Jim (b), Carl (g,v)

The Country Homestead was a sharehouse, an old Queenslander, and SHJ practiced in the living room.

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There were all assortment of visitors at the Country Homestead, but Frank was the only one to bear witness to a SHJ practice there. That's if you call sleeping off a hangover, bearing witness.

All natural light, no PA.

There isn't a lot to blog on about with this room, but at this time we did support the punk band Nunbait, at an underground venue on Elizabeth St in the city. Nunbait's vocalist was Ivan, who used to vocalize in Dementia 13. They were a fantastic punk rock band and I found their stage show and lyrical content hysterically funny.

They played two nights at the venue, first night supported by Reptile House, and the second night supported by SHJ. The guys from Reptile House came to see Nunbait again the second night and saw SHJ, and asked us to play with them. It was later on that I realised that they were asking me to play in their band as the guitarist.

Why not have a look? So I agreed to meet them at their rehearsal room for a jam.

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  1. Holy shit! We did TWO nights there? No wonder it's all a blur. I do remember beating my tambourine so hard against my thigh, it was bruised for months...and almost throwing up on stage...and lots of old Brisbane friends being there.

    We had a stage show?