Friday, July 17, 2009

Bridge St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 1994

Band: Rubber Bug
Members: Maddog (v), Ross (d), Big D (b), Carl (g)

This room was a strange elevated garage on a dead-end street.

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And we have a picture of it, courtesy of Big D

The drum kit on the left is Ross's, the amps are probably Hateman's, we shared the room with them and Six Ft Hick.

Now it seemed to me that a common passtime for Brisbane bohemians would be to go 'up the mountain', meaning Mt Glorious. It was green up there, away from the city, away from the cops, and there was always someone up there with the gear. It was suggested we should record up there.

What an ideal place to record, except, there was no recording studio. Not to be stopped by minor hindrances, a recording studio was improvised in Marks house. The drums were setup in the basement, guitars in the loungeroom, mixing desk in the kitchen. We communicated with Ross by knocking on the floor. Maddog was later relegated to the basement for vocal overdubs. Mark and Big D did the mixing. There was only one pair of headphones between the five of us. None of us had ever heard of Trout Mask Replica, but this recording setup was not dissimilar. Mark got infuriated, the Bug got wasted, tensions flared and at about midnight we'd had enough and drove down the mountain. Drove. Fast. Midnight. Clifffaces. No street lighting. Skid marks. On my trousers.

I recall trying to record again with the Bug before they broke up, in some kind of house in the valley that was either under construction, or being torn down, I couldn't tell which. I don't believe any of these later recordings have survived.

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